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Title Export licenses for gelidium, algae and agar agar
Creation Date 24 Nov 2011
Last update/check 24 Nov 2011
Sector Agriculture and Fisheries
Measure Quantitative Restrictions and Related Measures
Third Country Morocco

On 29 June 2010 Morocco imposed a quantitative limit for conservation purposes to the amount of "Gelidium" that can be harvested (5440 t/year). On 7 July 2010 raw algae and agar agar were also added to the list of products the exportation of which is subject to export licenses limited in 2010 to 1208 t of raw algae and 805 t of agar agar (which meant 20% of domestic production).

Actions Taken

This issue has been raised at the Association Committee in October 2010 and other meetings with the Moroccan Authorities. On 17 December 2010 a letter was sent to the Moroccan Authorities requesting the abolition of the quota and releasing the stocks of algae. An additional email was sent in April 2011, without any formal answer from the Moroccan authorities.
In November 2011, Morocco has started issuing export licences, but it is still unclear the quotas and the distribution for 2011. The EU Delegation will try to organise a meeting to request more details.

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Barrier Status Ongoing
Date barrier was reported29 JUN 2010