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Country : Argentina

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Title Measure Sector Creation Date Last update/check Barrier id Key barrier (*)
Restrictive trade-related requirements Registration, Documentation, Customs Procedures Horizontal 17 Jun 2014 17 Jun 2014 145479 Is key barrier
Argentina - Meat and meat products of ruminants Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures Agriculture and Fisheries 30 Apr 2004 04 Jun 2012 040010
Argentina- Restrictive measures affecting imports of food products from the EU Other (export related) Other Industries 22 Jun 2010 31 Jan 2014 105378 Is key barrier
Preference for national goods in public procurement Government Procurement Other Industries 19 Jan 2010 31 Jan 2014 105317 Is key barrier
Delays in granting patents and lack of adequate IP protection Enforcement problems on IPR Other Industries 30 Jul 2007 31 Jan 2014 075072 Is key barrier
Export duties Export Taxes Other Industries 19 Jan 2010 30 Jan 2014 105316 Is key barrier
Geographical Indications, lack of adequate protection Legislation on Appelations of Origin and Geographic Indications Agriculture and Fisheries 27 Jul 2007 03 Feb 2014 075071 Is key barrier
Restrictions to provide satellite services Discriminatory treatment Services - Communication, incl. postal services 29 Aug 2008 03 Feb 2014 085180 Is key barrier
Importer sworn declaration for goods (DJAI) and for services (DJAS) Registration, Documentation, Customs Procedures Horizontal 03 Feb 2012 17 Jun 2014 125425 Is key barrier

(*) In its conclusions of 8 December 2008, the Council of the European Union asked the European Commission "to draw up, in conjunction with Member States, a list of trade barriers to be prioritised in each of the EU's major trading partners ...". These barriers are marked as "key barriers" in the Market Access Database.