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Country : Algeria

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Title Measure Sector Creation Date Last update/check Barrier id Key barrier (*)
Requirements on foreign direct investment and difficulties related to financial transfers Investment Related Barriers Horizontal 15 Dec 2009 24 Jul 2015 095309 Is key barrier
Statistical licences Other Non-Tariff Measures Iron, Steel and Non-Ferrous Metals 24 Jul 2015 24 Jul 2015 155513 Is key barrier
Restrictive measures introduced in the automotive sector Other Non-Tariff Measures Automotive 24 Jul 2015 24 Jul 2015 155514 Is key barrier
Pharmaceuticals and medical devices: import restrictions, intellectual property rights protection Other Non-Tariff Measures Pharmaceuticals 24 Jul 2015 24 Jul 2015 155512 Is key barrier
Services : access to ports Non quantitative, non discriminatory measures (domestic regulation) Services - Transport 15 Dec 2009 24 Jul 2015 095311 Is key barrier

(*) In its conclusions of 8 December 2008, the Council of the European Union asked the European Commission "to draw up, in conjunction with Member States, a list of trade barriers to be prioritised in each of the EU's major trading partners ...". These barriers are marked as "key barriers" in the Market Access Database.