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Country : Kazakhstan

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Title Measure Sector Creation Date Last update/check Barrier id Key barrier (*)
Local content clause in the public procurement law Government Procurement Horizontal 22 Oct 2009 28 Oct 2011 095277 Is key barrier
Inta-Corporate Transferees (ICT) and Contractual Service Suppliers (CSS) Market Access (quantitative) restrictions Horizontal 16 Apr 2010 16 Apr 2010 105354 Is key barrier
Financial restrictions Services specific Measures Services - Financial 22 Oct 2009 16 Apr 2010 095273 Is key barrier
Export declaration Registration, Documentation, Customs Procedures Horizontal 22 Oct 2009 16 Apr 2010 095275 Is key barrier
Export duties on raw materials and related products Export Taxes Horizontal 22 Oct 2009 03 Oct 2011 095274 Is key barrier

(*) In its conclusions of 8 December 2008, the Council of the European Union asked the European Commission "to draw up, in conjunction with Member States, a list of trade barriers to be prioritised in each of the EU's major trading partners ...". These barriers are marked as "key barriers" in the Market Access Database.