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Exporting from the EU - what you need to know

The Market Access Database (MADB) gives information to companies exporting from the EU about import conditions in third country markets:

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During summer 2018 it was conducted a survey to improve the understanding of rules of origin.

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Latest updates

  • 22-Mar-2019 Morocco Focus: classification of goods subject to conformity requirements, common business identifier, plants and plant products, physical customs inspection form and measuring instruments.
    The import documentation for Morocco has been reviewed and amended accordingly. The following changes have been made:

    Classification of Goods Subject to Conformity Requirements

    The classification of the goods subject to the documents entitled Certificate of Conformity and Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity, i.e. their tariff codes assigned to the mentioned measures, has been brought in line with the most recent legal basis, Circular No. 5902/311 of 18 January 2019. In particular, the marking with the so-called "CM" (or "C-Mim" in accordance with the phonetic notation of the Arabic letter "م") mark has become mandatory for designated products. For more information, please refer to the above-mentioned documents and to the chapters on Standardisation and on Packaging, Marking and Labelling Requirements in this overview.

    Common Business Identifier

    Since 1 March 2019, the common business identifier (identifiant commun de l'entreprise - ICE) is required in addition to the previously mandatory identification codes, e.g. the Commercial Registration number, for designated procedures, e.g. the Summary Declaration. Consequently, a new document entitled Registration for a Common Business Identifier has been added to the set of documents of this report. The applicable legislation is Customs Circular No. 5896/312 of 2019. For companies to be newly incorporated, the identifier will usually be obtained when applying for a Negative Certificate. The quoted documents may be viewed for particulars.

    Plants and Plant Products

    Circular No. 5899/311 of 9 January 2019 stipulates the permissible border entry points as updated in the section on Plants and Plant Products below; please refer thereto for more information.

    Physical Customs Inspection Form

    The document entitled Customs Import Declaration has been enhanced with an additional customs form used for the physical inspection of goods. In accordance with Circular No. 5859/312 of 2018, said inspection will be conducted prior to the customs release of the merchandise if deemed necessary by the risk management principles. For additional details, the quoted document and the paragraph on Customs Procedures and Regulations in this overview may be consulted.

    Measuring Instruments

    The application form for the document entitled Licence to Import and Deal in Measuring Instruments has been newly incorporated into the mentioned document; please turn thereto for specifics.
  • 22-Mar-2019 Egypt Amendments as regards the classification of goods, the Egyptian Companies Law and trade-related news have been brought to the import documentation for Egypt. The following changes have been made:

    Classification of Goods

    The classification of goods, i.e. the tariff code numbers of the respective commodities requiring a Registration of Foreign Manufacturers Qualified to Export Their Products to Egypt, has been adjusted for the quoted document in accordance with the most recent legal provision, Decree No. 44 of 2019. According to said Decree, manufacturers of the following merchandise must henceforth be entered into the register held by the General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC):

    bags and suitcases made of natural or artificial leather
    hairdressing supplies
    mobile phones
    packaging material for foodstuffs made of plastic or paper/cardboard.

    For additional details of the registration procedure, the document quoted above and the chapter on the Assessment of Product Conformity further below may be viewed.

    Egyptian Companies Law

    Article 281 of Decision No. 256 of the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation, which was published on 30 December 2018, abolished the previous provision that at least one manager of a limited liability company had to be an Egyptian national. It thereby amends Executive Regulation No. 96 of 1982 to the Companies Act No. 159 of 1981. Henceforth, the management of a limited liability company established in Egypt may exclusively consist of foreign directors. The section on Registration in this overview has been adjusted accordingly.

    Other Changes

    The following News paragraph contains recent issues related to foreign trade; please turn thereto for particulars.
  • 22-Mar-2019 Zimbabwe
    Amendments to the internal taxation