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This privacy statement contains important information about the collection of personal data entered in Market Access Database (MADB) website pages and the further processing of data.

  • Within the MADB website, personal data is collected in three different situations:
    1. when a user fills in the Contact page section
    2. when a user asks for a personal account (this last possibility is only open to officials of EU Member States)
    3. when a user registers a complaint in the Complaint Register section
  • Data collected in the three different situations is done as follows:
    • When a user fills in the Contact section form, the data entered (Name, organisation, address, email) is used to generate an email. This information is stored in a ticket support system. Further information on its privacy statement
      The Contact section allows users to lodge requests related to the MADB. The email as well as the answer to it are stored in the Market Access database mailbox and in the ticketing for one year.
    • When a user asks for a personal account, the user is requested to register via the Commission's authentication system EU-Login. Further information on EU-Login privacy statement in
      This personal account will allow to grant access to a user who is entitled to consult the sections "Tariffs" and "Import Formalities" of the MADB. The personal data provided is stored in a database and maintained as long as the authorization to access the two sections of the MADB is valid. The complete information file is only available to the coordinator and system administrators inside DG Trade. No further details are disclosed and DG Trade staff will not divulge further information or further details of this personal data to any external party for any purpose whatsoever. Upon revocation of the account, all personal data is deleted.
    • When a user fills in the Trade barrier notification form, DG TRADE requests personal data. The personal data requested include: company/organisation contact person, company or organisation name, address or registered office, e-mail address, phone, fax, type of company or organisation. This personal data will not be displayed publicly but only used internally by DG Trade officials to further analyse the trade barrier reported.
  • The details are treated and processed in compliance with the applicable data protection provisions. The information will not be re-used for any incompatible purpose whatsoever.
  • The controller is Mr Francisco Pérez Cañado, Head of Unit G3 at DG TRADE, European Commission. You may contact him should you have queries or complaints regarding the processing of personal data by sending an e-mail to:
  • Recourse: in case of dispute, complaints regarding the processing of your personal data may be addressed to the European Data Protection Supervisor (