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Exporting from the EU - what you need to know

The Market Access Database (MADB) gives information to companies exporting from the EU about import conditions in third country markets:


The European Commission has included in its Market Access Database detailed information on rules adopted by UK authorities that would apply on UK imports from the EU in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

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Latest updates

  • 14-Nov-2019 Thailand Amendments as regards special economic zones (SEZs), aircraft as well as the labelling of seeds have been brought to the import documentation for Thailand. The following changes have been made:

    Special Economic Zones (SEZs)

    The section on Special Economic Zones (SEZs) has been newly introduced to this overview. Please refer thereto for details of this matter.


    In order to import into and operate Aircraft in Thailand, a certificate of airworthiness is to be applied for at the Ministry of Transport. More information may be obtained from the same-named chapter below.

    Labelling of Seeds

    The paragraph on Packaging and Labelling Requirements below has been enhanced with specifics on the requirements for the labelling of controlled seeds in Thailand. Please consult the quoted section for particulars.
  • 14-Nov-2019 Iraq Focus: items banned from importation, boycott, motor vehicles, labelling requirements and Certificate of Analysis.
    The import documentation for Iraq has been reviewed and amended accordingly. The following changes have been made:

    Items Banned from Importation

    As of 12 November 2019, thermo stones are no longer importable as they have been included in the list of banned items. Moreover, designated types of potato and corn chips will be prohibited from importation as of 12 January 2020. Further particulars of banned goods may be consulted in the paragraph on Prohibited Imports in this overview.


    The chapter on Boycott below has been enhanced with information on the blacklist which is maintained by the Iraqi Ministry of Trade; please turn thereto for specifics on this matter.

    Motor Vehicles

    In October 2019, the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC) published a new guideline for the importation of Motor Vehicles. The quoted paragraph in this overview may be viewed for more information.

    Labelling Requirements

    The section on Packaging and Labelling Requirements further below has been amplified as regards the hallmarking of jewellery and other items made from gold and the mandatory energy efficiency labelling; please refer thereto for additional details.

    Certificate of Analysis

    The document entitled Certificate of Analysis is a prerequisite for, inter alia, medicinal and related products. As an amended model of said certificate has recently been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), the sample form contained in the document has been exchanged accordingly and may be viewed in the quoted document.
  • 14-Nov-2019 Honduras Focus: fiscal registration, seed varieties, medical devices and trade-related news.
    The import documentation for Honduras has been reviewed and adapted accordingly. The following changes have been made:

    Fiscal Registration

    The document entitled National Taxpayers' Register (RTN) has been modified with regard to the processing time and the mode of online submission of documents required for the fiscal registration. For further details, please turn to the quoted document.

    Seed Varieties

    As the variety registration is to be submitted electronically in addition to its submission in the original, the document of this import report entitled Registration of Commercial Plant Varieties has been brought up to date accordingly and may be viewed for particulars.

    Medical Devices

    For illustrative purposes, the form of the sworn declaration and its translation have been added to the document entitled Risk-Based Classification of Medical Devices. For specifics, please consult the cited document.

    Other Changes

    For trade-related News, please see the following chapter.