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Exporting from the EU - what you need to know

The Market Access Database (MADB) gives information to companies exporting from the EU about import conditions in third country markets:


The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union and is a third country as of 1 February 2020. During the transition period, which ends on 31 December 2020, Union law, with a few limited exceptions, continues to be applicable to and in the United Kingdom.

The Commission is in the process of updating some of the content on this website in light of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. If the site contains content that does not yet reflect the withdrawal of the United Kingdom, it is unintentional and will be addressed.

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Latest updates

  • 25-May-2020 Yemen Focus: Halal Certificate as well as contact details. The import documentation for Yemen has been reviewed and amended accordingly. The following changes have been made:

    Halal Certificate

    The sample form of a Halal Certificate confirming with the GSO standards has been updated to a more recent version. Please refer to the quoted document for further details of this matter.

    Contact Details

    The contact details of the Ministry of Culture have been brought up to date throughout this import report, as applicable.
  • 25-May-2020 New Zealand Amendments as regards the Secure Exports Scheme (SES), currency and payments as well as trade-related news have been brought to the import documentation for New Zealand. The following changes have been made:

    Secure Exports Scheme (SES)

    For reasons of clarity and greater transparency, the chapter on the Secure Exports Scheme (SES) has been newly created in this overview. Please refer thereto for specifics of the quoted scheme.

    Currency and Payments

    The chapter on Currency and Payments below has been enhanced with details of the central bank of the country, i.e. the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Please turn to the quoted paragraph for particulars.
  • 25-May-2020 Costa Rica Focus: updated processing fees and veterinary health certificates.
    The import documentation for Costa Rica has been reviewed and adapted accordingly. The following changes have been made:

    Updated Processing Fees

    The processing fees contained in the documents listed below have been adjusted in accordance with the fees stipulated by the National Phytosanitary Service (SFE):

    Pest Risk Analysis (PRA)
    Phytosanitary Permit to Import Plants and Plant Products
    Registration of Agricultural Pesticide and Fertiliser Companies
    Registration of Fertilisers for Agricultural Use
    Registration of Importers of Plants and Plant Products.

    Veterinary Health Certificates

    The following veterinary health certificates have been equipped with a more recent version of the sample certificate:

    Veterinary Health Certificate for Live Animals
    Veterinary Health Certificate for Animal Products.

    Please refer thereto for further details.