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FTA: Free Trade Agreement

  • Tariff elimination

    The EU and Japan have agreed to eliminate customs duties for the import of goods originating in the EU and Japan, either when EU and Japan production. In order to take full advantage of the EU-Japan EPA comes into force, or gradually for almost all goods.

  • Rules of Origin

    Rules of origin ensure that EU-Japan EPA preferential tariff rates benefit EU and Japan production. In order to take full advantage of the EU-Japan EPA preferential tariff rates, traders will need to fulfil the rules of origin defined in the agreement and prescribed for each and every product.

  • SMEs and EU-Japan EPA

    The EU-Japan EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) can make life easier for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) from both sides to export and import.
    Almost all tariffs have been eliminated or reduced. Import requirements have been simplified where possible, including customs procedures, rules of origin or technical regulations.

  • Exporting agricultural and food products

    Japan is already the EU's fourth biggest market for agricultural exports. Market access will be improved for many European products

  • Procurement

    The EU-Japan EPA provides additional opportunities to gain Japanese government contracts. Japan has agreed to increase transparency and further open its government tenders to EU companies.

  • Intellectual Property and Geographical Indications

    The EU-Japan EPA provides for better intellectual property rights protection for European companies exporting innovative, artistic, distinct and high-quality products to Japan.