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Exporting from the EU - what you need to know

The Market Access Database (MADB) gives information to companies exporting from the EU about import conditions in third country markets:


The European Commission has included in its Market Access Database detailed information on rules adopted by UK authorities that would apply on UK imports from the EU in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

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Latest updates

  • 19-Jun-2019 Paraguay Amendments as regards warehousing, import licensing, the Minamata Convention as well as trade-related news have been brought to the import documentation for Paraguay. The following changes have been made:


    According to the Paraguayan Customs Code, the storage period of goods stored in a Paraguayan warehouse may be extended upon request. Therefore, the section on Warehousing in this overview has been equipped with corresponding information. Details may be obtained from the quoted paragraph.

    Import Licensing

    The scope of commodities for which an Import Licence is required has been modified by means of Resolution No. 453/2019. Therefore, the classification of goods pertaining to the documents entitled Import Licence and Registration of Importers, i.e. the assignment of commodity codes to which these measures apply, has been updated. Please turn to said documents and to the chapter on Import Licensing below for further particulars.

    Minamata Convention

    Since Paraguay ratified the Minamata Convention on Mercury on 26 June 2018, the section on Hazardous Goods further below has been revised. For additional details of this matter, please see said paragraph.

    Other Changes

    Current trade-related News have been brought to the following chapter; please refer thereto for specifics.
  • 19-Jun-2019 Morocco Amendments as regards the classification of goods subject to conformity requirements, wood packaging material (WPM), currency and payments, contact information and trade-related news have been brought to the import documentation for Morocco. The following changes have been made:

    Classification of Goods Subject to Conformity Requirements

    The classification of the goods subject to the documents entitled Certificate of Conformity and Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity, i.e. their tariff codes assigned to the mentioned measures, has been brought in line with the most recent legal bases, Circulars No. 5913/311 of 18 March and No. 5933/311 of 29 April 2019. By way of example, designated inner tubes made of rubber, plywood, chain of iron, cast iron, steel or copper and electrical insulators have been added to the list of commodities now requiring the quoted documents. For more information, please refer to the above-mentioned documents and to the chapter on Standardisation in this overview.

    Wood Packaging Material (WPM)

    By virtue of Customs Circular No. 5923/311 of 5 April 2019, empty wood packaging material (WPM), e.g. pallets, of other than Moroccan origin may henceforth only be imported in new condition. Consequently, the paragraph on Packaging, Marking and Labelling Requirements further below has been adjusted accordingly.

    Currency and Payments

    Information on the Moroccan body responsible for the allocation of foreign currencies for external trade transactions, the Exchange Office (Office des Changes), has been incorporated into the chapter on Currency and Payments in this overview. Moreover, the threshold value for permissible advance payments has been updated. Please turn to the quoted section for additional details.

    Contact Information

    The contact details of the company entrusted with the single window system, PortNet S.A., have been modified. For particulars, please view the paragraph on Customs Procedures and Regulations below.

    Other Changes

    Other trade-related News have been brought to the following chapter; please turn thereto for specifics.
  • 19-Jun-2019 Egypt Focus: Registration with the Egyptian Customs Authority, provisions for animal feed, Certificate of Analysis, mandatory electronic payments and modified foreign exchange regulations as well as trade-related news.
    The import documentation for Egypt has been reviewed and amended accordingly. The following changes have been made:

    Registration with the Egyptian Customs Authority

    The document entitled Registration with the Egyptian Customs Authority (ECA) has been newly incorporated into this report as it is a prerequisite for any transaction with said Authority. For additional details of the registration procedure, the quoted document and the chapter on Registration below may be viewed.

    Provisions for Animal Feed

    In order to import animal feed into Egypt, the following documents must have been obtained prior to the issue of the mandatory Permit to Import Animals and Animal Products and have consequently been added to the set of documents of this report:

    Licence to Deal in Animal Feed
    Registration of Animal Feed.

    The mentioned documents and the paragraph on Live Animals and Animal Products in this overview may be viewed for particulars.

    Certificate of Analysis

    The document entitled Certificate of Analysis has been reviewed and adjusted in accordance with the legal provisions, e.g. concerning the required minimum content, the sealing of the concerned authority in the country of export and the scope of commodities to which this document pertains, i.e. the classification of goods for which it is a necessary import requirement. Moreover, the sample form of said document has been exchanged for a version which has recently been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO); please turn to the quoted document for further details.

    Mandatory Electronic Payments and Modified Foreign Exchange Regulations

    Pursuant to Decree No. 760/2018 of the Ministry of Finance, electronic payment procedures have become mandatory for government charges, e.g. duties and taxes, since 1 May 2019. For threshold values and exemptions, the section on Currency and Payments further below may be viewed.

    Other Changes

    Several other documents have been amended with regard to various details.
    The following News chapter contains recent issues related to foreign trade; please turn thereto for particulars.