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Last updated on 21 Jan 2020

A document proving that an importer is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and has obtained a Canadian Business Number (BN).

Required for business establishment and tax purposes.

To be applied for by the importer at any local Canadian tax service office. The international tax and non-resident enquiries office of the Canada Revenue Agency (for non-resident corporations and corporation accounts) may be contacted under the following address: 1050 Notre Dame Avenue, Post Office Box 20000, Station A, CA-Sudbury, Ontario, P3A5C1, phone number: +1 613 9408497, fax number: +1 705 6710490.

The application form is available in English (see below) or French.

To be submitted in one copy by mail or fax. Alternatively, the registration may also be submitted online at or by phone at +1 800 9595525.

The processing time generally varies between two and six weeks; in some cases, it may be even faster.

There is no processing fee.

The period of validity is not limited, unless the company closes the account voluntarily or does not use the BN during a period of two years. In the latter case, the account may be renewed, however.

Please note:

Any changes to the data contained in the registry, e.g. name or address, must be reported to the Canada Revenue Agency as soon as possible.

Importers may appoint a representative to access the business account, make enquiries, update information and communicate with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Registered importers applying for a BN may simultaneously also open one of the following program accounts:

  • GST/HST program account

  • payroll deductions program account

  • import-export program account

  • corporation income tax program account.

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